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Here is Where It Seems So Clear

“Let Your Heart Illuminate the Path Before You.”

Our Guiding Principles

We believe that it’s our job to be more than just your advisor. We must also be your cheerleader, confidant, and guide on your journey to retirement. Sometimes the path will be smooth, and sometimes you’ll run into obstacles along the way. It’s our job to help you navigate the unexpected twists and turns of life and keep you on the right path.

Our planning process is led by these primary principles:

  • Patience and discipline are key for getting you to your goals.
    It can be difficult to stay the course when markets are moving up and down and taking your money along for the ride. We’ll be your touchstone during times of uncertainty, working with you to make intentional decisions that aren’t based on emotions and keeping you focused on your long-term picture.
  • We’ll never put all your eggs in one bucket.
    We utilize the Bucket Plan as part of our process, putting your assets into the right “buckets” to achieve immediate, short-term and long-term goals.
  • You’re investing for the long-term.
    Retirement planning isn’t just a one-and-done event. Once its implemented, your plan will take time to start working for you. We’ll review your plan regularly, making adjustments when your goals change or life happens.
  • We can’t predict the future.
    None of us can guess what the markets will do as you get closer to retirement. We also can’t predict how long your live or what circumstances you might face. What we can do is prepare for potential scenarios, incorporating planning techniques that call for consistent, strategic investing.
  • You deserve an advisor who gives you more.
    We believe in honest, open communication with our clients. When you understand your finances and how they fit into the bigger picture, you make better decisions for yourself. As an independent firm, every decision we make is based on what’s best for you.

Who We Work With

While we work with a diverse group of people, many of them share the same fears and questions: Will I outlive my money? What happens if I get sick? How will my life change if my spouse dies early?

Our clients are seeking a confident retirement, knowing that they can live worry-free in their later years. They want a plan that ensures they have predictable income, provided by a financial professional who gives honest, trustworthy advice.

We do so much more than manage money.
At Keystone Wealth Management, we look at your total life
situation and not just your money to ensure your wealth achieves
what matters most to you - for now and in the future.

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